who we are

Human Team

We specialize in cincodeditos.com "Child gesture communication". We interact with children to ensure that they can meet all your needs and reach their full cognitive potential.

We have the best professionals both inside the classroom and auxiliary positions, cleaning and management.

  • Teaching graduates and senior technicians in Early Childhood Education.
  • Graduates in Pedagogy, Bachelor of Sociology and assistants in childcare.
  • Large number of professionals in every classroom.
  • Constant investment in training and continuous updating of teachers.


Txanogorritxu professionals Nurseries - Little Red Riding Hood Nursery Schools have the qualifications required under current regulations and include, above all, for his affection, joy, sensitivity, responsibility and professionalism.

Graduates in honey!

To guarantee the quality of our educational work, everyone working in Child Care Txanogorritxu - Red Riding Hood are in both vocational training and continuous staff in several areas (motor skills, psychology, first aid, infant massage and a large etc ...).

We also have the collaboration of:

  • Child psychologist and educator who help us in detecting and preventing difficulties in the development of children. Early attention.
  • Professional hygiene and cleaning for the optimization of health conditions and health center and minimization of infections among children.
  • Sociologist responsible to strengthen the family bond relationship with the babies, teachers and families.