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Our Nursery, besides being educational centers are also an entertainment area that we offer our customers and a commercial solution of all kinds of baby products

The "Nursery Txanogorritxu - Little Red Riding Hood Children School" are a modern nurseries or nursery schools and innovative able to provide education to children of 0-3 years, open all day from 7.00 until 20.00 every school day of the year.

We combine the services of a nursery school with a recreation center with English classes, children's yoga, after-school playgroups, holiday and birthday celebrations etc .., and a commercial solution of all kinds of baby products from our website with just a "click". With this model, we intend to achieve a friendly and personalized for each of the needs of our customers environment.


Work and enjoy with Txanogorritxu Franchises

All Txanogorritxu Nursery - Little Red Riding Hood and visual guidelines follow a business model with the aim of offering an attractive image for children and parents

Compliance with legislation in each province.

  • At least one classroom for each age group.
  • psychomotor area.
  • indoor and outdoor play area.
  • Office / Kitchen.
  • Extensive security systems.
  • Surveillance cameras with family connection to the Internet.
  • Web exclusive area for family photos.
  • Counseling (EI).
  • family support services to subsidize children's products.

A personalized education project for each family characterized by a special and differentiated methodology, including the most advanced techniques and are implemented with the help of our team of qualified educators.

  • Early stimulation
  • Education in values
  • Active and participatory learning
  • Introduction to plastic and musical creativity
  • Personalized service