Support in the implementation of the franchise

We offer all the facilities to set up your own franchise Txanogorritxu Nursery - Red Riding Hood, to make the process a game of both children and adults

From the first contact with our central Txanogorritxu Day - Red Riding Hood, a team of professionals begin to work together to implement an Educational Project, according to current needs and have direct online with them at all times to help.

with our support is all easier

From the outset, we start all our departments to provide you every step

Expansion Department

  • Personal presentation Nursery Txanogorritxu franchise - Red Riding Hood.
  • Approval of the local selected for the implementation of child care or school.
  • Draft specific our Dept. Of architecture for the selected Local (initial plans).
  • Market and competition in the area, with the establishment of the potential market and target (calculation of income and business expenses).
  • Delivery of the franchise agreement, where the technical and economic issues are collected.


Implementation Department

The implementation phase is carried out with the cooperation of our professionals to help you every step forward:

  • Application for licenses to open and regulatory approval, the presentation of the project in the public sectors of each town or city.
  • Adaptation of Educational and curricular project from Nursery Txanogorritxu, each of the centers.
  • Manager-specific training to address for the customer information-collection (families) with all the benefits of day care or nursery school.
  • Supervision of work at the local, lasting about 110 days from the start of the work until the opening of the center.
  • Commercial work with records kept by the Txanogorritxu Nurseries - Little Red Riding Hood Children's Schools for raising license plates to ensure the profitability of the center.
  • Process selection and training of educators.
  • Implementation of official documentation of the franchise to host families and children.
  • Coordination of the opening of each sitting - Nursery School.

Operations department

When a new nursery Txanogorritxu - Red Riding Hood opens to the public, the direction of the new franchise is responsible for the day-to-day with the help of the Operations Department of the matrix.

From there we strengthen the knowledge acquired in previous training and operations manual delivered, we ensure the functioning of the new franchised unit to be carried out in accordance with the principles and experiences that we have lived.

Will then have an organization that works every day to improve and take care of your company and its franchisees, so you spend your effort and knowledge to what the parents demand: care, care and education of their children.


We offer you a large team of professionals whose mission is to provide you all the steps in the creation and implementation of your new franchise

The whole experience is passed on to our franchisees personalized and individualized.

A nursery school or kindergarten is an excellent business opportunity for those entrepreneurs attracted to such an exciting and rewarding as the care and education of our small business.

In short, Txanogorritxu Nursery - Little Red Riding Hood Children Schools work every day to make your franchise is a profitable and rewarding business.