Who we are

Family + Nursery

The educational work should be complementary and shared between schools and families to promote the proper development of children.

We encourage the daily relationship between families and the team of professionals working in our nurseries. Therefore, we like to keep a personal and close relationship with the families of our children.

The educational task of Txanogorritxu Nursery - Nursery Schools Red Riding Hood is considered complementary, but never substitute for the mission of the families, as first and foremost responsible for the education of their children.

We get involved with families openly and naturally.

Child Care Txanogorritxu are a continuation of the family, so from here, the parents are encouraged to maintain close collaboration through a personal relationship with educators of their children. To that end, family counseling through lectures and conferences, workshops families and school parents are offered.


Encourage ongoing communication through the Journal of Peque, reports and quarterly meetings of pedagogical monitoring.

Innovatively, in the private area (intranet) of our web share with our families every day, uploading photos of the work and experiences of our children.

Meetings with educators can always arrange that families and educators deem it necessary to talk about the concerns and the evolution of their children.


Family and Childcare