Baby subsidized products

We provide parents an advisory service related to the growth and education of the baby, and an exclusive offer of food products (infant formula, cereals, etc.), as well as hygiene and childcare to reduce family expenses .

One of our purposes as nurseries or innovative nursery schools, has been seeking solutions to address the needs and concerns of everyday life for our families, in which he was in countless occasions, the address many of the concerns from the first day of parents with their newborns, as the material they will need to meet the basic needs of their babies.

Wide range of products to meet the needs of baby 0-36 months

We will save money, time and effort to families

When they come to bring us the little they can also be the products they need. All brands are known and can be found on the market, but in the Txanogorritxu Nursery - Nursery Schools may purchase the Little Red Riding Hood at discounted prices.

We have major consumer products such as diapers smaller (of all sizes), baby wipes, colognes and renowned pediatric creams for face and body, milk powders (initiation, continuation and growth), cereals, baby food ... fruit and nursery products (cars, buggies and car, etc.).