Direct advice

  • A proper and differentiated educational and curricular project, based on the latest developments of early stimulation.
  • Hotline to advise the franchisee about any aspect of your care or nursery school.

Creating Solutions

Financial advisory and HR

  • Development of accounting, official books of documents, contract management...
  • External Gestoría Human Resources, from which we process the ups and downs of the staff, we issued the payroll and personnel management

What to buy for my franchise?

  • The specialized personnel Txanogorritxu Day - Little Red Riding Hood Children Schools perform the negotiation and purchase of supplies.
  • Product distribution orders a franchise is attending.
  • Continuous research and development of new products and services related to early childhood education to always be at the forefront.

Nourished databases professionals

  • Collaboration with management and vocational training centers for the practice of students in our nurseries or kindergartens.
  • Specific training courses for the franchisee and its employees.

creating solutions

Marketing, Image and Communication

  • Integrated development of the image of Txanogorritxu Day - Little Red School Children.
  • Marketing Plan Preparation, mailings, deals, local publications, design of the various elements for effective communication and promotion.
  • Program recruitment of new enrollments.
  • Developing a local and national level joint advertising campaigns for all schools in the chain.