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Early attention

The most important thing is the welfare and proper physical, intellectual and social development of the kids. Therefore, we monitor and psychological assessment of each child to track and detect optimal, evolutionary development of early, deficits and / or developments that may occur.

With the intention of offering families a comprehensive care of their young, the Txanogorritxu Nursery - Little Red Riding Hood Nursery they offer early intervention services absolutely FREE.

The early intervention team of Txanogorritxu Kindergartens - Nurseries Red Riding Hood meets all the families of a group and individually (in the case of need), to deliver the report to be prepared, after working with the child in several sessions in classrooms assessing their attitudes. These meetings, between families and the specialist, usually last two hours, and in them are brought together all the doubts and / or consultations in order to improve the daily life in the family.

Areas such as cognition, motor skills, memory, processing speed, behaviors, languages ​​... valued, observe the development of these skills allows you to see the degree of development of each child. We maintain intensive observation to draw evolutionary conclusions and the accuracy of the results is as faithful as possible.

With the report the team of child neuro-psychology Txanogorritxu Nursery - Nursery School Red Riding Hood made, you can clearly assess child development and can also be known, early, any difficulties or progress in the development and act in consecuense.

There must always be a fluid communication between the school and parents. The more information we have the better we can evaluate the progress and status of each child.

Our team:

Mercedes Echebarria Redondo

  • Degree in Psychology from the University of Deusto
  • Specialty in Neuropsychology
  • Graduate in Child Neuropsychology ISEP Madrid

Director of Child Psychology Txanogorritxu

Iratxe Sánchez Hernáez

  • Children Psiconeuróloga
  • Psychologist Child and Adolescent and Family

Director Haurreskola Txanogorritxu Durango

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