who we are

Nurseries Txanogorritxu

All the methodologies developed in the Txanogorritxu nurseries, are intended to ensure that your children are and feel like a happy little people

Teaching methodologies in our children's schools are run in a personalized manner. Pedagogical stimulate the correct way to achieve comprehensive physical and psychological development of each child level. This guarantees optimum learning and personal development.

  • Encouraging activity
  • Teaching values
  • Working emotions
  • Enhance personal development
  • Meeting basic needs
  • Caring for food
  • Good hygiene
  • Rest and affection

These are just some of our roads for a happy child.

Our goal is to improve and expand existing services today in our nurseries

The main priority of Txanogorritxu Care is care, fun and care of children, to achieve an environment where not only have fun but will develop physically and socially

Materials Insurance


We use materials that do comply with current regulations regarding safety in the European Union.

Also, the technology in our children's schools is adapted to "control and supervision" of children.

Unique educational project


We have put together existing educational systems. Glenn Doman method combining dare Bit logic intelligence. As for movement through skid trails for physical and mental stimulation. We also have music therapy and dance activities, audiovisual proposals as Baby Einstein, perception and logic processes with premier educational toys and a large etc ...

With our own educational project, which is a nice pet that grows year after year with the kids and they narrates stories and fun games. A world created for them in our nurseries.

Balanced diet


Food has always been important but at the moment in which both proliferate intolerances and allergies is, if anything, even more important.

We have a specialized catering, served by the best company in the infant food industry and many years of trust (Ausolan). We developed a balanced and targeted menus for all our children and not forgetting of course allergic to any gastronomic level, or children with celiac diets transient problems.

Bio-Clean Environment


We have teams of Environmental Protection (Ozone) aimed at removing bacteria and smells to avoid possible spread of diseases among children.

Also for the team to feel protected and do not fall on possible diseases and can continue caring loving and giving our children.

Floors, comfortable environment


The Children Txanogorritxu Schools implemented a new system of heating "Floor Heating".

The heat emanate from the ground getting a very comfortable environment for babies stay in the nursery school, disappearing all outbreaks of dangerous heat in walls to eliminate traditional radiators. This will avoid possible burns to babies.

Spacious nursery schools


The "Day Txanogorritxu - Little Red School Children" are located in local high amplitude of between 300m2 and 700m2.

That space allows us to serve children in large spaces improve their care and keeping them separate in large tiered classrooms.

Titled teachers


We accompany qualified professionals:

  • Children teaching
  • Higher Technicians
  • Graduates in Pedagogy and Sociology
  • Assistants in childcare...

All with a high degree of experience, and most importantly: Graduates in honey!



Depending on the province in which the nursery is located, communication with children will be different. In Txanogorritxu Day in the Basque Country, communication will be basically in Basque and English. Catalonia will be in Catalan and so on in the other autonomous communities with their own language. In the remaining nationally English accompany the Castilian in early childhood education of our children.

Specific Activities In times of communication will be in English, interacting with the bits in the languages Logic earmarked for these activities. Classes are taught early stimulation through Glen Doman in English, Basque, Catalan, Galician and Castilian method.

Psychomotor stimulation


We also used with regard to children's motor skills, through Glen Doman method, skid trails for physical stimulation from 6 months to all infants.

We have specialized equipment for crawling, mats to rotate and turn specific equipment to turn the lumbar and abdominal for the effort in joining easier in babies. Quipos have balancing, ball pools, barrels for the game and all kinds of equipment for children Psychomotor to advance in their physical development.

A joint way, they will not stop fun and play lots ...

Children Gestural Communication


In our nursery schools we are specialized in children's gestural communication (www.cincodeditos.com) and to know how to communicate with infants is vital, and do it the right way will help their full development.

This will avoid possible frustrations and tears in children who want to communicate and who still can not speak. Indicating through gestures what they want as drink water, eat a cookie, wanting to sleep or indicate that we have finished eating ...

The Txanogorritxu nursery schools have become the first educational experience of the smallest as well as a fundamental part of the social and physical growth of the child. A nice place with activities and intellectual recreation where children experience, curioseen, seek experiences and feel safe and loved.