How do I open my own franchise

In Nursery Txanogorritxu we help you implement the best nursery school and we track for your project progress to success.

The beginnings are always hard in the Txanogorritxu nursery - Little Red Riding Hood as we know, and why we care about providing the best service in our power, accompanying the new franchisee every step.


The process of commissioning a Txanogorritxu care or nursery school Little Red Riding Hood has four basic points:

Personal Qualified one


The availability of qualified staff and adequate and qualified training, is not only a legal requirement that must be met in any nursery or kindergarten, but is one of the basic principles of the new project going to start.

The Human Resources department of the Txanogorritxu nursery - Little Red Riding Hood accompany and advise the franchisee in the search, selection and training of center personnel.

Compliance regulations


Kindergartens or nursery schools should strictly enforce the regulations. In Txanogorritxu nursery - Little Red Riding Hood children schools have established a reference to children and leisure centers, in addition to local regulations, regional, national and European education system meets the safety standard that we have set ourselves for our kindergartens or nursery schools.

The first is the safety and welfare of children in our care. So we've selected a special furniture to avoid any kind of danger to children.

Advice and continuous training


One of the objectives of Txanogorritxu nursery - Little Red Riding Hood kindergartens is to know and apply the best care that they can provide children 0-3 years, which will have both internal and external educational counseling.

In addition, we put in the hands of franchisees throughout our professional experience, policy advice, financial and tax advice through our professional cabinet, and also accompany the new member of the Txanogorritxu Nursery School - Red Riding Hood or whenever you need.

qualities and commitment


People who decide to start a new business must possess a number of qualities such as enthusiasm for a new project, offer the best quality in their work and taste for attention to the smallest details.

We want to help you realize one of your dreams and why we will keep you in mind for you and all your customers through continuous monitoring of the direction of Txanogorritxu nursery - Little Red School Children. We think it is a project for the future and you can start today.

Offer a nursery as Txanogorritxu - Nursery School Little Red Riding Hood is offering quality, security and the best care for the smallest

Always with the support of the franchise in the design of each center, building permits, the opening, get the enrollment needed to kindergarten profitable from day one, start working with parents, define the method labor, contract with companies specializing in the best children's catering, and etc...