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The most important decision

All our nurseries have resuscitation equipment Children's pediatric pads (DEA), and qualified personnel to perform the first children's aid..

Infant resuscitation

Welcome to the Txanogorritxu Day – Little Red School Children!

The nurseries are no longer places where "let" children to become centers where the first educational experience of the smaller is a fundamental part of their physical and social development.

The first thing we have to know is that all the methodologies developed in the Txanogorritxu Day - Little Red School Children, are intended to ensure that your children are and feel like a happy little people.

One difference is that with other centers in the Txanogorritxu Nursery - Nursery Schools Red Riding Hood, a series of educational activities of various kinds aimed at the little ones to promote the overall development of children. With these activities, the daily work habits, learn the language, know your body and learn to relate to each other, exploring the environment, starting in math and train their psychomotor apparatus. In addition, also perform more traditional activities such as music, art, trips abroad to know the surroundings and enjoy nature, play freely or to what most appeals to them.

If we get that children grow up in a happy environment, we guarantee optimal learning and personal development. Encouraging activity, teach values, emotions work and enhance the personal development are just some of our roads for a happy child.

Parents also benefit from a series of special services such as scholarships, family support services to purchase food and hygiene products for baby at reduced prices, night care services, webcams, dining room, playgrounds, and so on .

Come and meet us! We will gladly show you what we do and how we do it. And if you want, you can tell us your opinions, advice or suggestions to help us improve.


Private access to photographs of children in the nursery


Our centers

Locate the nearest to your home and come visit. We will gladly show you what we do and how we do!



Private access to the webcams of childcare


Early attention

We monitor and psychological assessment of each child to keep track of evolutionary development optimum



We are franchises Creativity and Heart


Familiar help

So you can buy everyday products for the baby to prices rather than reduced throughout the school year


Dining area

We provide a complete custom power



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Discover our nursery night service

Thanks to this new service, you can leave your children in our care, outside regular schedules


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The "Txanogorritxu Foundation" is a foundation for Disabled Children and their families, is a non profit organization, with its own, independent and non-political autonomy, whose purpose is to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and the your families.