Children Schools

Our goal is to expand and improve existing services today in early childhood education to become leader in the sector of nurseries - nurseries. Currently we have centers in various locations. Locate the nearest to your home and come visit. We will gladly show you what we do and how we do!

País Vasco


Av. de Sabino Arana 22/26
48940 - Leioa
Tel: 94 405 75 51 / 648 725 074


C/ Aita Elorriaga, nº 31 bajos
48100 – Mungia
Tel: 946 129 443 / 644 463 060


C/ Julian Zugazagoitia Nº11
48003 – Miribilla (Bilbao)
Tel: 946 566 212 / 648 025 842


Plaza Desierto, 2
48901 - Urbangalindo (Barakaldo)
Tel: 946 080 153 / 688 812 069


C/ Ibarrekolanda, 28
48015 - Sarriko (Bilbao)
Tel: 946 077 417 / 666 843 919


Avenida de Euskadi Nº46
48902 – Barakaldo
Tel: 94 612 83 38 / 618 594 026


Azkatasuna Etorbidea 2A/2B
48200 - Durango
Tel: 94 405 32 90 / 688 819 581


C/ Sipiri 22-24
48600 - Sopela
Tel: 94 403 55 21 / 688 601 388


Av. Sabino Arana, 73 Basurto-Zorroza
48012 - Bilbao
Tel: 94 640 06 93 / 671 546 615

Plaza Euskadi

Calle Lehendakari Leizaola, 9
48009 - Bilbao
Tel: 94 465 46 45 / 648 725 074


Calle Sarratu, 25
48970 - Basauri
Tel: 680 138 542

Management of grants and scholarships for families, nursery schools authorized by the Department of Education of the Basque Government.
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What we offer? Discover our advantages

seguridad para niños

We use materials that strictly comply with current legislation on EU security and technology adapted to "control and supervision" of children.

aire limpio

Equipment Bio-Environmental Protection intended to eliminate the bacteria and odors, avoiding where possible the spread of disease among children (Clean Environment)

espacio cardio protegido

Cardio-protected area, with infant resuscitation equipment with pediatric pads (DEA), staff trained and qualified to perform the first children's aid.

seguro médico infantil

Protected with the best companies through its Children's Medical Insurance.

calefacción suelo radiante

New heating system "Floor Heating", the heat emanate from the ground getting very comfortable for babies stay environment. We will also disappear all outbreaks of dangerous heat in walls eliminating traditional radiators, so avoid possible burns to babies.

equipo humano

We have the best team, teachers and child graduates prepared in various disciplines such as languages, psychology, psychomotor, music... and above all, and most importantly, graduates Honey!!!

método cinco deditos

We specialize in child gestural communication since, know how to communicate with infants is vital. And besides, do it properly will help your full development. Cincodeditos follow the method.

escuela de padres

School Parents: Fatherhood and motherhood are not college material, nor is there a handbook of recipes. In our centers we conducted workshops and conferences for the "race" of parenthood as smooth as possible.

guardería trilingüe

Trilingual kindergarten: kindergarten Within communication with children is basically in Basque, Catalan or Galician if the center belongs to those communities. Classes are taught early stimulation thanks to Glenn Doman method in English and Spanish, but the main priority is the attention and the care of children.

atención temprana

We offer educational services, and have a team of early intervention for the assessment, treatment and assembly work at home. In Nursery Txanogorritxu - Red Riding Hood must always believe that good communication exist between the center and parents.

programa de actividades

We design and carefully monitor children's education, so that the process of personal growth is adequate and targeted through activities that allow them to play and be happy children. Modify their daily activities to complete their intellectual and physical development.


In all centers “nursery txanogorritxu”, we have a specific psychomotor classroom, where children can move safely and specifically in psychomotor development.


We have a specialized catering, served by a trusted company (Ausolan). With a balanced diet and menus aimed at allergy, celiac children with transient problems...

aulas amplias y separadas por edades

Large and spacious rooms that allow us to develop without problem any local activity comfortably. With classrooms separated by levels, with areas of both indoor and outdoor games.

amplios horarios

Extended hours tailored to the needs of families, allowing them to choose four slots of four, six, seven and eight hours. We have ease of access and have "Save pushchairs" inside.

cámaras web

Webcams system and a private Intranet, which offers images of different classrooms during the school day, with a username and password that allows access in a completely secure manner.

We have a family support service that lets you buy baby products subsidized. During the school year, they may obtain food products, hygiene and childcare at reduced prices. Nursery Txanogorritxu look at household savings!

servicio pañales gratis

Free diaper service for all students of child center while children are in our nurseries.

servicio ayuda familiar

Family Support Service. Because students at the school, families can purchase baby products (baby milk and cereals of all kinds of top brand diapers, wipes and hygiene products and childcare) at reduced prices.