Nursery franchise Txanogorritxu - Red Riding Hood Children School

If you want to start your own business and enjoy what you do, if you have sensitivity education, childcare Txanogorritxu is your franchise nursery.

We are introducing a strong, safe and effective proposal and do not leave you alone in the process.

After reaching local growth in Euskadi eight kindergartens, we have opened the doors of "Nursery Txanogorritxu - Red Riding Hood" new partners through franchising nationwide. Discover the advantages of being a franchisee!

School Children "Red Riding Hood - Txanogorritxu" a great brand to support this business, purpose and a great future

The success of the educational project received by our students, our proposal that children learn through play, early stimulation services, personal attention and family immersing the smaller the favorite languages ​​of each zone (Castilian, Catalan, Basque, English, Gallego etc ... in each region corresponding) and have managed to be one of the nursery schools of the XXI century in all aspects, have made the growth of our schools have surpassed all expectations.

Schools Children Txanogorritxu-Little Red Riding Hood, is a franchise of specialized services, specifically in kindergarten for children from 0-3 years.

Fun contrasting and stimulation techniques where they learn and play, generating desire to learn and develop their motor skills, or physical and musical expression.

Personalized attention that paves the way for the development of safety and Emotional Intelligence and a continuous monitoring of school activities, parties, activities with parents, etc.

Why opt for the franchise system?

We have completed our internal growth reaching a significant number of more than 600 students divided between all franchisees nurseries, since we started this new project, so consider it a good time to open the doors to new companions through franchising at the national level.

The trigger for deciding to franchise our brand has been recognized by the family and the desire to convey our message to the rest of the families.